21 Rare Historical Photos You Won’t Believe Exist

1) Bikini Atoll – Hydrogen Bomb

In 1946, the warm, sandy beaches of Bikini Atoll were replaced with the deafening sounds of 23 nuclear tests. 167 islanders living on the beach were removed to other islands.

Sand, coral, and plants in the millions of tons shot into the air by the hydrogen blast.

Ash from the explosion travelled at least 125 miles east of Bikini Atoll.

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2) Execution of Australian POW by Japanese Captors

During World War II, more than 22,000 Australian soldiers and nurses were captured by Japanese forces. Around 8,000 of them were killed—many in similar ways as was captured in the above photograph.

3) Amon Goeth – Execution By Hanging

This image depicts the execution of Amon Goeth by hanging. Goeth joined the Nazi party and became an exceedingly brutal concentration camp officer.

He rose quickly in the ranks at Auschwitz due to his merciless demeanor.

Goeth was also depicted in the Hollywood movie, “Schindler’s List.”

4) Vietnam – Estimated Death Toll: 2.5 Million

The horrors of the Vietnam War are captured by a photographer. The death toll has been estimated to be over 2,500,000 civilians and soldiers. The soldiers seen here are having difficulties grasping the death surrounding them.

5) German Soldier Eastern Front

The horrors of World War II’s Eastern Front are depicted in this photo. It was the site of some of the deadliest fighting in military history. This image depicts a soldier surrounded by fallen comrades and dilapidated weaponry.

6) Volcanic Eruption of Mt. Sakurajima in Japan (1914)

This eruption captured here produced 1000 degrees Celsius pyroclastic flows. “The lava flows produced by this eruption even filled in the straight separating the volcano from the mainland, forming a peninsula.”

The volcano continues to be active today.

7) Bombing in Kobe, Japan (1945)

This bombing image captures planes dropping bombs on Kobe, Japan in 1945. Targets included aircraft factories, naval mines, railroads, airfields, and urban areas.

8) The SS Normandie After She Sank

This dramatic photograph shows the SS Normandie after she sank at Pier 88 in New York City 1942.

A welder’s torch sparked a flame that quickly spread to burlap covers draped on the lifeboats and then ultimately through the entire ship.

The ship had been an ocean liner that was being modified into a ship for troops when the accident happened. Although, it was suspected that the fire could have been possibly sabotage.

9) Iran: Before and After

These pictures express a widely different way of life under the Shah of Iran vs the Islamic State’s new leader Ayatollah Khomeini. Note the color changes, activities, and emotion expressed in the various photographs.

10) The Headquarters of Mussolini’s Fascist Party in Rome – The Face of Mussolini Stares Down At You

Benito Mussolini who went from a socialist to a fascist on his path to becoming a dictator led his party in these headquarters. The face affixed on the exterior of his headquarters in Rome casts a menacing glare to all who dare to pass by.

11) Oil and Nuclear Energy – 1970’s US Newspaper Article

This is a 1970’s US newspaper article describing the benefits of nuclear power and the suggestion of an Iranian endorsement of the energy method.

12) The KKK (Ku Klux Klan)

The KKK was founded in 1866.

This picture shows klan members proudly and freely walking down a sidewalk in a southern US state, right next to two black individuals who likely don’t share the same sentiments. The photographer captured an immense amount of tension, yet without the costumes it would look like everyday citizens walking on a Summer day.

13) The Berlin Wall: West Meets East – Separated From 1961 to 1989

The wall stood for 28 years and separated east Germans from those in the west. Here, west Germans reach across the wall to shake the hands of east German soldiers.

The wall tore families apart, and once it came down it was the greatest street party in the history of the world.

Nov 11, 1989 – Berlin, Germany – Thousands of East and West Germans gathered on and around the Berlin Wall near the Brandenburg Gate to celebrate immediately after the border crossing points that divided Berlin were finally opened. 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which separated East Germany from West Germany for more than a quarter-century, from 1961 until the Wall was opened on Nov. 9, 1989. (Credit Image: © DPA/ZUMA Press) RESTRICTIONS: * North and South America Rights Only *

14) Plane Crash on a Carrier – Moving Runway

Landing on an aircraft carrier is very dangerous. The runway never stops moving and its a very small space to find in the great expanse of the endless ocean. The immense speed of the plane while landing adds additional anxiety for the both pilot and landing crew on the carrier.

15) Mount Rushmore Under Construction (1927-1941)

The faces of former U.S. Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson came to life after each chisel of stone.

Workers used bosun chairs to dangle off the side of the mountain and sculpt. The actual carving of the rock began on October 4, 1927 and concluded 14 years later on October 31, 1941.

16) “Mother” & Child – Early Photography

Photography has not always been so quick and simple like it is today. After mere seconds individuals can take pictures and immediately view them. In the 1800’s, in order for an exposure to develop, people had to remain still for many minutes. These minutes for some years were upwards of 15. They soon dropped to 1 or 2 minutes, though. This baby’s mother is hidden under the sheet so only the baby appears in the picture. No Photoshop yet, so this was the only solution available.

17) The Statue of Liberty (Paris, France) – Gift From France To America

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the people of American and was dedicated in the United States on October 28, 1886. The statue has become an iconic symble for what America stands for. This photo does not quite do the statue justice as the scenery surrounding it presently has become so synonymous with Lady Liberty.

18) 1889s London: Drill Used To Carve Tunnels in London – “Mechanical Earthworms”

The sheer size of this tunnel gives you an idea of the harsh working conditions these men worked under. You can only imagine these “mechanical earthworms” churning through bedrock hour after hour.

19) Skylab – America’s 1st Space Station

This is a picture of America’s first space station. This station was a forerunner to the international space station. Skylab launched in 1973 and orbited the earth from 1973 to 1979. Astronauts could spend up to 84 days in space on Skylab.

20) Shel Silverstein, Bill Cosby, & Hugh Hefner – “Playboy After Dark”

The author Shel Silverstein, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, and comedian Bill Cosby enjoy some folk music together with friends. The year was 1968 and the television show was Playboy After Dark. Their subsequent paths were very different, particiularly when you consider recent news articles.

21) A Generator Powered By German Soldiers – Bicycles Attached To A Weapon

No outlets out there in the battlefield. These German soldiers are operating an early generator that is attached to a weapon. They are producing necessary power by pedaling on modified bicycles.

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