23 Ingenious PVC Projects To Try At Home

This sturdy bed frame is made from nice durable PVC.

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Keep your garage clutter free by storing your bikes upright instead of thrown about.

Invite nature into your yard with a bird feeder.

A boat, believe it or not. You wrap this structure in tarp, carefully, and float away.

A simple carport if you have no garage or need more space.

A PVC chair for your kids will make them happy…especially if you paint it their favorite color.

This chicken range cage is easy to build.

Build your pups a raised cot for cool comfort.

Build a fun dune buggie for the kids!

Show your patriotism with a PVC flag pole.

Garden plants love climbing, so you don’t strain your back. Plus, it uses small spaces more efficiently.

This type of green house is called a “hoop house”. Lets you garden year round.

Build your own hydroponic gardening system. Clean and simple.

Don’t cram everything in your car. Save space with this luggage rack on your next road trip.

Outdoor movie projection screen.

Relax in your homemade swing bench.

Stylish shoe closet

Kids will love your new PVC sprinkler system.

Enjoy the shade in the outdoors with this yard shelter.

Clean fish and small wild game on your handy table.

Your kids will love you, and sleeping outside in their PVC tee pee!

Build a quick and easy trash can.

Yerts are huge and fun! Just wrap this in tarp or plastic, and move it around the yard.

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